Advocates of Change

Cinque Terre
Anubhuti Gupta

The young and agile mind of a child gets access to a world of new meanings when Reading independently. A child begins to use rich language - to communicate, to express oneself and to connect with a world much larger than his or her immediate surroundings. Moreover, new stories and poetry feed and enhance the natural inquisitiveness of the children.

Cinque Terre
Indu Punj

We can reach 1million children by involving all educators, volunteers, retired professionals and by using the fREADom Reading app. This is an achievable target.

Cinque Terre
Kaadambari Muttoo

Reading can open up worlds for children. Catch them young and they will develop an essential skill that can sustain them through their lives-across subjects, age, time and place. Reading has no boundaries.

Cinque Terre
Rajesh Malhotra

As a school leader it is my duty to expose my teachers to learnings that help develop love for reading among our students. Taking help from organisations that specialise in developing reading skills in young learners is a smart way of contributing to this great mission.

Cinque Terre
Suverchala Kashyap

As a communicator, educationist and mentor, I have been in my own way promoting reading from an early age not only individually but helping schools to integrate it as an essential part of the daily routine. Reading opens the mind and helps to kindle an imagination that is incomparable. Support for the cause is hundred percent in every which way.

Cinque Terre
Vikramjit Singh Rooprai

Some cannot read, and some don't want to read. But we all want to learn. Those who can read should be given an objective in life by creating platforms, where they can help others read. And these platforms must be made popular, so that people who avoid reading find their new love in text.